Teach children about the fun adventures of the sea, with these egg sail boats. This activity is perfect for home school lessons,  or any classroom setting!


Hard-boiled eggs for group (each egg makes two boats
Deviled egg ingredients (mayonnaise, salt, mustard, etc)
Thin pretzels
Fruit leather

1. Cut a hard-boiled egg in half.
2. Follow a recipe to make deviled eggs.
3. Make a triangle from a fruit leather to be the sail.
4. Attach it to a thin pretzel for the mast.
5. Stand the mast up in the deviled egg to form a boat.


This activity is from:
S.O.S. Songs of the Sea
By Lynn Kleiner


S.O.S. Songs of the Sea is the perfect mix of music, creativity, and fun for music teachers, classroom teachers, child care providers … and kids! Students will enjoy learning about the sea and its creatures through the engaging songs and reproducible activities. Classroom curriculum, music, crafts, and snacks are integrated, overlapped and joined to immerse students in a joyful, creative learning experience.

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