Teach children about fun farm adventures with songs and activities, such as worms in dirt cups. This activity is perfect for home school lessons,  or any classroom setting to incorporate music into a general lesson.


Chocolate instant pudding mix
Chocolate cookies (such as Oreos)
Mixing bowl
Hand mixer or whisk
Ziploc Bag
Gummy Worms
Serving cups and spoons


1. Follow the directions on the pudding box to make the chocolate pudding.
2. Pug chocolate cookies in ziploc bag and crush them.
3. Fill serving cups or bowls with 3/4 cup of pudding.
4. Place a few gummy worms in the pudding with heads sticking up or even hanging out of cup.
5. Use spoon to place chocolate cookie crumbs on top of pudding and worms (this is the dirt).

Pair this activity with the “Lots of Worms” song from Farm Songs!

This activity is from:
Farm Songs
By Lynn Kleiner

Farm Songs and the Sounds of Moo-sic! is a delightful combination of music, learning, humor, and fun for music teachers, classroom teachers, child care providers…and kids! Through the engaging songs, orchestral music, and reproducible activities in Farm Songs, kids will learn about music making, movement, listening, and classroom curriculum. Crafts and snacks are also integrated to immerse students in a joyful, creative learning experience. Award-winning instructor and early childhood music innovator Lynn Kleiner shares her imaginative lesson ideas for young children that capture the wonderful power and excitement of interactive musical learning.

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