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Birthdays are always fun to celebrate. It’s the one day of the year that the world gets to revolve around you; people make you a cake, sing to you and give you presents. It’s a wonderful thing.

Even though today might not be your birthday, we’d love to give you a present anyway. (We’d include cake too, but that’s much harder to send through the internet.)

In honor of this special occasion, we are sharing a sample lesson from the book that music teachers and aspiring drummers make a beeline to when they want to teach or learn the basics of drumming. Authors Dave Black and the late Sandy Feldstein paved the way for all future drum authors, devising a drum education method that focuses on teaching specific techniques and following that up with a solo that emphasizes that technique.

Many drummers and teachers alike have found Alfred’s Drum Method to be both incredibly helpful and fun at the same time. To give you a taste for the way the book is organized, you can download this sample lesson and solo on the 5-stroke roll.

Download a sample lesson from this classic >

Joel Leach, Emeritus Professor of Music, California State University, Northridge says about the book, “25 years ago, the authors set out to write what they hoped would be the finest beginning percussion instruction book available. More than 500,000 copies later, it’s obvious they achieved their goal!”

So happy birthday to you Alfred’s Drum Method!

Learn about the history of this great method >