Learning TogetherBy Laurie Scott, Winifred Crock, and William Dick

Recognized string educators Winifred Crock, William Dick, and Laurie Scott have collaborated to produce this new volume for beginning string players. The book is available for each individual instrument and in a piano/conductor score format. Each of the twenty main selections can be performed in a variety of ways: as a solo with piano accompaniment, as a three-part mixed ensemble, or as a trio of like instruments.

The student volume format includes:

* Unison sequenced repertoire for all instruments
* Bass line accompaniments
* Harmony parts
* Additional repertoire including songs to learn by ear, songs to introduce 6/8 meter, and simple canons to introduce part playing.
* Rhythm and meter training including early introduction of triple meter

The repertoire in the Learning Together books offers many opportunities for multi-layered instruction to students and teachers. The materials can be used to:

* Develop sequential technique
* Foster ear training
* Foster ensemble skills
* Develop music literacy and note reading skills

Additionally, the book features a live CD recording of all repertoire, including individual string solos with piano accompaniment, mixed string trio ensembles and piano accompaniments alone. These books reflect the belief that the first stages of study are the most important and set the tone and limits of further development. This volume can be used in the private string studio, in string classes and in university string methods courses in a variety of ways.

Alfred is proud to offer a free download of Rocky Mountain from Learning Together. Please click below for the melody, harmony, bass, and score.

  Score/Piano | Melody & Bass | Harmony