By Sally K. Albrecht

Tools to Help You Build Rhythmic Reading Skills

It’s never too early to integrate rhythmic reading activities into your curriculum, and it’s important to teach and reinforce musical concepts in a variety of ways. For rhythmic reading, try clapping, tapping, chanting, and playing classroom instruments. Alfred offers a wonderful variety of reproducible publications to help!

Rhythm Workshop
575 Reproducible Exercises Designed to Improve Rhythmic Reading Skills
By Sally K. Albrecht
This is an excellent resource designed to encourage and enable students to develop solid rhythmic reading skills! It features 100 pages containing 575 rhythm exercises in a variety of time signatures with concepts introduced and combined together to challenge and motivate your students.

Ready to Read Music
Sequential Lessons in Music Reading Readiness
By Jay Althouse
Just like you need to know the alphabet in order to read text, you need to know the symbols of music before singing or playing! Includes 4 sequential units of 8 lessons each. A very good place to start!

Schoolhouse Raps
8 Educational and Energetic Speech Choir Raps
By Sally K. Albrecht & Melinda B. Smith
This popular and innovative collection of 8 speech choir “raps” is ideal for interdisciplinary study and rhythmic reading!

Let’s Have a Musical Rhythm Band
15 Unique Studies and Arrangements for Rhythmic Reading
By Phoebe Diller
Play rhythm band instruments along with the music of famous classical composers.

Shakin’ It Up!
10 Unison Songs with Rhythm Instruments
By Sally K. Albrecht & Jay Althouse
Each song features a different rhythm band instrument. Some students play, some sing . . . then trade!

Rhythm to the Rescue!
10 Unison Songs in 10 Different Rhythmic Styles with Optional Rhythm Band
By Sally K. Albrecht
Combine clever songs with rhythmic reading and stylistic concepts. Learn the rhythms that go along with the different styles of music. A great way to put all your knowledge together, plus these songs make an entertaining 15-minute performance program.