Gary FryGary Fry’s “Rhythms of One World,” is not only an exciting world-music choral from Alfred Music, it is also the title song of the United Nation’s international choir festival, which aims to celebrate cultural diversity and mutual understanding through choral singing.

The first “Rhythms of One World” was held in New York City in the summer of 2012, featuring choirs from across the globe: South Africa, Luxembourg, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Norway, and the United States. It culminated in a joint performance in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations headquarters. This festival is unique from others of its kind, as it focuses not only on great performances, but also on the role of the universal language of music in promoting intercultural understanding, brotherhood, and peace.

The 2014 festival will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. It will open with a concert at the UN headquarters in Geneva, celebrating the anniversary of the signing of the UN charter, and will include other significant performances in iconic Swiss venues, by both youth and adult choirs from all nations and styles, including everything from folklore, sacred, and classical to contemporary and national pop music. All choirs are welcome to apply.

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