For over 25 years, Finale has remained the world standard, in part because of its exclusive flexibility to create anything you can imagine. Now with the latest version, Finale 2014, music educators have even more ways to save time while enhancing their teaching program with additional, personalized tools.

Finale integrates seamlessly with SmartMusic®, the interactive music education software. Create SmartMusic accompaniments and assessment files for your students to learn their music before rehearsal. Scan an instrument part and transpose it for another instrument. Instantly generate exercises for your entire ensemble—without entering a note—with Finale’s exclusive Exercise Wizard. Finale saves you time with a wide variety of powerful tools from instant range-checking, to Linked Parts that ensure your score and parts are always in sync. Exclusive idea-generating features, including Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing, offer quick inspiration. And when it’s time to play back your creations, Garritan instruments and Human Playback produce living, breathing music.

Whether you’re teaching, testing, or sharing music puzzles and games, Finale provides easily customized resources. From flashcards and worksheets that cover the basic elements of music, to tools to aid improvisation and discover form and analysis, the content you need is at your fingertips.

Below is a helpful article straight from Justin Phillips at Finale.

Paste Multiple in Finale 2014justinphillips

By Justin Phillips

Finale has many timesaving editing features to help you quickly create the music on your mind. Finale can also help speed up repetitive tasks, like creating warm-ups and exercises for your ensemble. For this example, we’ll take a look at creating some warm-ups quickly with Finale’s vertical copy and paste feature.

I created a quick score in B-flat Major with five staves that cover the various instrument transpositions that would be present in a typical concert band. I have a staff for non-transposed instruments, E-flat instruments, B-flat instruments, F instruments, and non-transposed bass clef instruments.


Now I need to copy and paste the music in the top staff to the bottom. While I could select the measures with the Selection Tool and copy them to each staff one by one, a quicker way would be through Paste Multiple.

Simply select the measures you wish to copy with the Selection Tool and press Ctrl + C (Win) or Command + C (Mac) to copy. Then select the first measure in the top staff or measure you wish to paste to then hold Ctrl + Alt + V (Win) or Ctrl + Command + V (Mac). In the Paste Multiple dialog box that appears, select “To the Bottom of the Score” and press OK.


Finale will now paste the music on all staves. Finale 2014 will also automatically place the music in the proper range, however this can be easily changed to a different range by selecting the music with the Selection Tool and pressing 8 or 9 to transpose down or up an octave.


As a music educator, you add to your legacy every day—making a lasting, positive impact in the lives of your students. While today’s Finale is easier than ever to use, if you ever have a questions, help is close at hand. Only Finale offers interactive tutorials, videos, searchable solution to commonly asked question, and FREE on-line support.

Thank you to Justin Phillips at Finale for these valuable tips!