Justin PhillipsBy Justin Phillips

With a service each week, you need the ability to produce music quickly, often with a changing group of instrumentalists and singers. Scan a song or hymn and orchestrate with ease! With a few clicks of the mouse, you can change the key, transform your instrumentation, and create that perfect final stanza.

While Finale 2014 includes a pre-made handbell template, some customization is often required to adapt the template to your specific ensemble, such as the range of your bells. If this is the case you may prefer to use a plug-in, included with Finale, to automatically create your list of bells used.

To do so, enter the notes of your handbell piece first. Now select the Selection Tool and go to Edit menu > Select All. Next, navigate to Plug-ins menu > TG Tools > Create Handbells Used Chart.

Handbell ChartSelect or adjust any options needed, then press Go. The plug-in will automatically create a handbells used chart at the top of the score, parenthesize any accidentals, resize the staff and notes, and reset the measure numbering.

As a worship leader you impact lives positively and eternally through God’s gift of the transforming power of music. Let Finale enhance your impact! Finale is now easier than ever to use, but if you ever have a questions, help is close at hand. Only Finale offers interactive tutorials, videos, searchable solution to commonly asked question, and FREE on-line support. Visit alfred.com/finale for more information.