BPhillipsBy Bob Phillips
Director of String Publications

Have you ever had a student return in the fall and tell you they have forgotten how to play? One cute little second year student told me that the teacher last year (me) hadn’t taught reading. Of course, they really haven’t forgotten and we really did teach the skills – the students just need to play again and review.

The Hobbit Play-Along books are great for summer, to keep your students playing! Check out these fun books here. Perhaps even send a note home to parents suggesting they check out the link for great summer music activities that will keep the kids playing!

The three charts from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey that are featured this month will fit a niche in your concerts. Use each to build interest in your concerts as well as to simply enjoy the music!

For me, best teaching practice means including all styles of music in order to touch the hearts of more students. People all have different tastes and the music they are exposed to through the orchestra can be wide and varied. Whether it is Mozart, fiddling, Broadway, or The Hobbit, teaching opportunities and the chance to build a love of music abound in them all.

Bob Phillips