Gayle Kowalchyk and E. L. LancasterImagine this scenario. On Monday, one of your favorite students, Jenny, broke her arm playing soccer. Her mother calls and wants to cancel her piano lessons until the cast is off. Brooke, who has just started high school, declares at her lesson on Tuesday that she has a huge crush on Justin Bieber and wants to learn some of his songs on the piano. Hoping that Wednesday would be better, you have a new student who asks if you can teach him to compose music. By Thursday, you decide that all of your students need some new technique exercises. And on Friday, you realize that you have an ensemble recital scheduled but haven’t chosen the music for it. Today is Saturday, and you only have one free hour to find music for your students. What is a busy piano teacher to do?

You’ll be able to solve all of these problems by looking through Alfred’s 2012 summer catalog for new publications and time-tested favorites. We want our students to turn to music for expression, relaxation, inspiration, and entertainment but most of all, self-fulfillment. The variety of publications featured in this catalog fulfills all of these needs for students. Let this catalog
help you with planning for the upcoming school year.

And, while you are planning, don’t forget to plan some time for yourself. You’ll definitely be inspired and motivated by the book on the opposite page from our sacred library – Bernadine Johnson’s Stories of Faith and Inspiration (25 Lessons I Learned from My Piano Students). As a piano teacher, you will identify with each situation that she describes.

Have a great teaching year!

E. L. Lancaster & Gayle Kowalchyk

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